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Professional Development & Consulting

We work in partnership with you to meet the needs of the youth you serve, holistically.


The influence you have on young people cannot be overstated. Our consulting services and professional development offerings are designed to uplevel institutions and individual professionals through the strategic strengthening of knowledge, competency, and skills required for effective work with students, their families, and communities.

Consultation Services

If you're a school leader looking for partnership in creating meaningful and holistic progress for the youth professionals and young people you serve, contact us to discuss how we can best support you. 

Consultant Service Offerings:


  • Improving behavioral, academic, and social challenges, to include truancy and dropout rates

  • Reduce sexual assault, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, and intimate dating violence

  • Reduce in-school violence

  • Academic intervention

  • Social learning plans

  • School recovery

  • School events and functions for student/school improvement

  • Behavioral accountability and responsibility program design

  • Blended learning programs

  • Charter school management

  • Secondary and middle school design

  • College selection and application support

  • Reduce and prevent substance abuse and tobacco use among students

  • Increase self-confidence, healthy choices, and positive self-image

  • Programs to stop suicide and bullying

  •  We are also able to customize our offerings based on your specific needs

Designed for: District-level personnel, Schools boards, School leadership (prek-12), Before and after school agencies


Designed for: Individuals and organizations interacting with children and youth.

Parents, Teachers, schools, other educational organizations, government, non-profits, and mental health organizations.

Holistic Elevation is committed to continual personal and professional development to support you in your work with youth. Review our offerings below to see what best meets your needs.

Workshop Offerings:

  • Cultural Inclusion Training

  • Uncovering Youth Potentials

  • Peer2Peer Mentorship Training

  • Justice Through Equity

  • Rebuilding Culture, Changing History

  • Understanding Teen Challenges

  • Sexual Harassment and Social Practices that Influence "isms"

  • Offering Companionship to victims of Domestic Violence

  • Offering Companionship to student victims of bullying and abuse

  • Setting Clear Educative Boundaries

  • Importance of Volunteerism

  • Workplace Sensitivity

  • Empowering and Engaging Parents

  • Changing the Tone from Shaming and Blaming to Naming

  • School Reformation through Restorative Justice

Trainings for Service Providers

Designed for: Mental Health Providers, Master's Degree Students in Counseling, School Work, etc; Entry Level Providers  Intermediate and Advance Level Mental Health Professionals, NCMHCE Candidates. 

If you're a counselor looking to take the National Mental Health Counselor Exam and to increase your counseling skills. 

Area of focus for Tutoring Service:


  • Intake information gathering

  • Proviaional Diagnosis

  • Assessments

  • Theories & Intervention

  • Ethics

  • Supersivion and Consultation

  • DSM-5

  • Groups

  • Couples

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