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Educational Consultation

What Does an Educational Consultant Do?


Our educational consultants will devise strategies to improve educational quality and assess areas for improvement in curricula and integrate skill-building and social learning into the classroom to help with academic and behavioral development.


They will advise you regarding academic matters, assess educational standards and classroom policies, as well as student grades and test scores so that they can report on the effectiveness of the current system.  they offer teacher training workshops, recommend different educational materials and bring in new technologies.


Our education consultant will help you build your Counseling techniques to help recognize students in need of further assistance. Increase clients assessing, interpersonal skills, cultural competence, knowledge of best practices, and professional ethical skills.

Role of Educators

The role of an educator is beyond just educating. A great educator is a gap filler, a parent, counselor, friend, and future molders of tomorrow leaders. How do you authentically contribute to a student's future?

The role of educators is very vital to the upbringing of a child. Similar to parents, the character of educators can create or destroy the destiny of students. Moreover, understanding the link between students behavioral and academic challenges can be overcome with the unique content and holistic strategies.  Our Educational Consultation Services help educator cultivates children's skills and qualities they need to be successful in school and in life. To transform schools educators will be provided with simple strategies that will transform children to become positive leaders and empowered contributors. We will help you transform bullies by using compassion, and change shaming and blaming into naming.  


Who do we advise:


School Administrators

 School Boards



School Boards

Daycare Providers

Charter Schools

Pre-K Schools

Mental Health Professionals

Community Agencies for before and after school programs

 Other Educational Organizations

Government Officials

What Kind of Services We Offer?

We offer a variety of consulting services from school reformation and restorative justice techniques to ensure students and faculties are treated and developed with equity and respect. Our expertise focuses on behavioral, social and academic techniques by using prevention and early intervention practices that help create a nonjudgmental and safe environment for learning and growth.  We will assess educational policies for grade level to recommend improvements within school districts. As a consultant, we will propose and set educational goals for students, teachers and implement plans to achieve them.


Some services offered include:


  • Improving behavioral, academic, and social challenges, to include truancy and dropout rates

  • Reduce sexual assault, domestic violence, teen pregnancy, and intimate dating violence

  • Reduce in-school violence, school shooting and use of other weapons

  • Academic intervention

  • Social learning plans

  • School recovery

  • School events and functions

  • Behavioral accountability and responsibility program design

  • Blended learning programs

  • Charter school management

  • Secondary and middle school design

  • College selection and application

  • Reduce and prevent Substance abuse and tobacco use among students

  • Increase self-confidence, healthy choices and positive Self-Image

  • Programs and methodology to stop suicide and bullying

self reflection

Self-reflection encourages students to positively think of their character, actions, and motives. 

Self-reflection motivate students to recognize themselves in both positive and challenging situation and reflect upon ways in which they can develop. This will enable them to build authenticity self, accountability and responsibility.







Through storytelling, students are encouraged to think outside the box. Storytelling develops students creativity and imagination, instills virtuous qualities, enhances verbal proficiency and sharpens memory and recollection. When moral stories are implemented students become motivated to change their behavior, and adapt to that of the story. 

Storytelling builds character, therefore we highly encourage that educators, parents, and youth advocates motive students to tell stories.  







peer mediation

Peer Mediation gives the students the ability to solve their problems, decide on their rewards, consequence and set boundaries collectively. Peer mediation empowers students to listen to each other respectfully, without being bullied, teased or fear of retaliation. It builds accountability to ensure school rules are followed; students will be motivated to work together; they will think of their actions and how their behavior affects those around them.









Through consultation with their peers, teachers, administrators, and other school staffs, students will find their voice and build a sense of increased value. Consultation empowers students to stand up for what is right assertively, without causing damage to others opinion that differs from theirs. It teaches students to respect different opinions without accepting it. Consultation teaches students how to engage tactfully, but enabling meaningful conversations.





Tools Used To Empower Students...

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