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Peer2Peer Leadership


Peer2Peer Leadership Program is an intensive one-year component which offers selected youth additional leadership training and development opportunities.   Youth are engaged in advanced training that cultivate the following skills and/or knowledge; peer bonding/empathy; conflict resolution and mediation skills building; suicide warning signs and resources, deescalating situations and bullying, as well as trauma awareness and coping strategies and advocacy for self and others. The best solution is Peers Helping Peers. 

During the training, students will participate

Personal Reflection


Conflict Resolution & De-Escalation Techniques

Volunteer Service Projects

Event Planning & Execution 

Alternative Activities 

Team Building & Cooperation Activities

Family & Community Engagement

 Culture Exposure

Ages of 13 to 18

July 18th-27th 





Parents/Guardian are encouraged to assist with program supplies. Review Supply List. 

Transportation will not be provided

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